Fadia Asaf, (left), Zula Ikha Ahmed, (centre), Raca Asaf, (right) with her son Mahed in the Al Janub co-op choosing goods. Oxfam Novib partner, PARD (Popularl Aid for Syrian Refugees), is coordinating the distribution of blankets and food vouchers to beneficiaries who have fled the conflict in Syria. The voucher enables the beneficiary to spend $72 as they choose on food at the Al Janub co-op in Tyre.

âÃÂÃÂEach refugee has $72 to spend. I have given them all lists so they understand how much things cost and they can decide what to buy with the vouchers. The vouchers enable them to buy food items like rice and milk and also detergent items. If they donâÃÂÃÂt want to take the detergent items they can choose to take more food items but they canâÃÂÃÂt take cigarettes or alcohol. If they need more milk, rice or diapers it doesnâÃÂÃÂt matter if it is on the list or not, they can still take it. As you go around the shop you will see that each family has different items in their basket. They simply take what they need.âÃÂÃÂ